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Why "Yams?"

August 20, 2015

Some great questions are coming in, including “Why yams?” Leading up to the YamStreet launch, a friend asked how exactly I could make pants out of yams. I think he was a disappointed when I told him that Urban Pajama Pants are really made from super-soft 100% cotton flannel. For now at least, the YamStreet yam is more symbol than raw material.


Hitting the yam out of the ballpark

August 19, 2015

With a lot of help from a lot of friends, YamStreet's Kickstarter campaign has shot way over the top. 


Community media discovers YamStreet

August 19, 2015

Just in time for International Women's Day and Women's History Month, I met with blogging fashionistas Julia Framel and Madeleine Douglass in SF's Mission District to see how young women might style Urban Pajama Pants.



Sizes & Fit
The fit of our Urban Pajama Pant is similar to a traditional men's PJ bottom, but with a looser cut and a very slight taper at the ankles. Some shrinkage may occur over time, but not much. The elastic-drawstring combination waist and the overall casual cut ensures maximum comfort. Choose from these 5 sizes: