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Launch on Kickstarter

Sorry Mr. Zuckerberg...and "Happy Pants"

John makes a recent photo shoot fun...and shows off YamStreet's Urban Pajama Shorts.

I’ve spent so much time reaching out on Facebook that Facebook threatened to boot me. And it’s only day three!

It’s been worth the stern warning from Mr. Zuckerberg though. So many nice comments! I want to share a few that have come in as far and wide as Brasil, my hometown in Ohio, New York City, and of course San Francisco...
  • Love this new business idea by my friend Jeffrey Betcher! Urban Pajama Pants! Brilliant!
  • All involved are locals, plus the yammies are Made in the USA!
  • A truly organic community business benefiting so many.
  • My friend and hometown boy making a difference! Rick from my hometown.
  • Once you start going out in them you can relive your college years of going everywhere in pajamas! 
  • It's one of the few businesses that fits the phrase "think globally, buy locally." 
  • Happy Pants!!!!! Yey!!!

    "Happy Pants" has GOT to be one of my favorites.

    You can do all the planning and research in the world before a business launch like this, and still not be sure what the reaction will be. I’m nothing short of thrilled to hear so many nice things about Urban Pajama Pants and YamStreet.


    YamStreet roots run deep

    The greens were all yummy, but someone had to win.

    YamStreet was always intended as a business with strong ties to the place it was born (and where Urban Pajama Pants are made): San Francisco’s Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood.Yesterday was a beautiful example of how that is happening.I wore YamStreet gear to a City of Dreams food and gardening event where I was honored to be a panel participant in a discussion about local food and a greens cook-off judge.  (We can come to blows in these parts about how greens ought to be cooked!)

    I was surprised (maybe relieved) that so many friends in the Bayview Hunters Point community knew about the Kickstarter campaign, and I felt great hearing rave reviews for the Urban Pajama Pants!Folks here understand how no one succeeds without everyone pulling together and supporting one another.The same spirit is growing in the local apparel industry which has come together around this project.

    Day two reminded me about how important our communities are to our success and happiness.


    YamStreet's sweet, wild "Day One" on Kickstarter

    Meah's hearts captured mine.

    Minutes after I clicked "launch" on Kickstarter, while I was freaking out about the 1001 things I had to do, I got a text from my neighbor John saying that he and his daughter Meah were the first supporters of YamStreet.That meant the world to me. John is a major leader in the community garden project on our block, and Meah’s artwork, a stylish arrangement of magic marker hearts on paper, is on my refrigerator. YamStreet has some cool innovative product designs I want to share with the whole world.But at its heart, YamStreet is about community. John and Meah reminded me of that beautifully.

    There were many other reminders, including a stunning leadership pledge from a dear friend. Honestly, it brought a tear to my eye, something that happened time and again as pledges came in and friends connected, reconnected, and said such nice things.

    Day one was a sweet wild ride.

    Sizes & Fit
    The fit of our Urban Pajama Pant is similar to a traditional men's PJ bottom, but with a looser cut and a very slight taper at the ankles. Some shrinkage may occur over time, but not much. The elastic-drawstring combination waist and the overall casual cut ensures maximum comfort. Choose from these 5 sizes: