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Reaching goal and strrrrrrrretching...

100th backer, 120% of goal, time to STERRRRETCH!

“Congratulations, Angela! You're our 100th backer!” (Please imagine a shower of yam-colored confetti.) 

The band of YAMistas backing YamStreet’s Kickstarter campaign hit triple digits today! Because of you, we stand at nearly 120% of goal … and we are just halfway through the campaign. (More confetti, please!)

Our 100th pledge is great news for the future of Urban Pajama Pants, and it’s all the more meaningful because Angela is a like-minded entrepreneur. She is starting her own small apparel company with a focus on sustainable design. AND she is considering opportunities to collaborate in the same neighborhood where YamStreet is located.  For me, that’s the spirit of the yam many times over.

Momentum...and "What's next?"

Lan sewed our prototypes and samples.  Her sewing machine practically sings!

I’ve been out spreading the word about the campaign person to person the past few days.

I serve on a steering committee at University of San Francisco, and talked up Kickstarter at a meeting there. Then I stopped by a “feel good” event at All Good Pizza in my neighborhood where emerging businesses had come together to celebrate. Most folks I talked with already knew about YamStreet. Yay!

What’s next? Now that the campaign has surpassed its goal, I’m intent on maintaining the momentum so we can produce even more Urban Pajama Pants … and more work for locals, and more rebound for local manufacturing.

For those of you who elected a pledge reward, the next step in the Kickstarter process happens when the campaign closes and I get back to you for specifics like sizes, T-shirt choice, etc. Then the sewing machines hum and we prepare for shipping and delivery.

I remain very, very grateful.


IYamStreet and Urban Pajama Pants succeed woke up early yesterday to find it was a bigger day than I could have guessed. I checked in with the YamStreet Kickstarter campaign to discover that we made our goal with time left on the clock to “stretch.”(That’s Kickstarter lingo.)

A big pledge from a dear friend had come in overnight and surged us over the top. I was stunned!

In a message, my friend was his usual humble self: “This is obviously something you care about deeply, which means I do. It feels good to help friends help others.”

Extraordinary! The outpouring of support for YamStreet and our vision has moved me beyond words. And it has moved me to continue, both with the campaign and the long term work to achieve YamStreet’s vision for an industry, a neighborhood and a better world.

I am grateful to each and every backer.Please continue to spread the word. Your support on Kickstarter has assured that a healthy investment can be made in an industry on the rebound. Scrappy, hardworking professionals, from patternmakers to sewers, will have work they would not have otherwise.And a company with new ideas will be off and running.

35% and 64 wonderful people

We busted through the crucial $5k mark!

The YamStreet campaign now stands at 35% funded and growing.If you are reading this, you may be one of the 64 backers whose pledge and faith have given the campaign momentum.Thank you!

Please keep spreading the word.If you hear that someone likes the Urban Pajama Pants but not the orange plaid fabric, make sure they know that, since we are sourcing our materials locally instead of importing bolts of fabric, changes to color and pattern are built in to the process.We’ve already identified some darker color options.

I’m off to guest lecture at a Masters’ class in Social Entrepreneurialism at SFSU.I’ll be talking about the connections between grassroots community building and business development.Thank you to Connie (the professor and a colleague) for the invitation … AND for backing the YamStreet campaign!

Sizes & Fit
The fit of our Urban Pajama Pant is similar to a traditional men's PJ bottom, but with a looser cut and a very slight taper at the ankles. Some shrinkage may occur over time, but not much. The elastic-drawstring combination waist and the overall casual cut ensures maximum comfort. Choose from these 5 sizes: