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Community media discovers YamStreet

Urban Pajama Pants reviews by the bushel

Bold Italic and local bloggers discover YamStreet

Several bloggers have picked up on the story of the first pajama pants designed for the street. Here's a bit of what they have to say:

"... unbelievably soft and comfy ..."

"... fun and ethical clothing manufacturer "

"... made with quality material and stitching for the durability of denim."

"... street pajama pants that can go straight from comfortable to cool. "

"Our city certainly loves to be outfitted for that seamless transition between bed, on-the-town … and back to bed again."

If you have friends who like comfort, new ideas or yams ... tell them to Hurry!  Only a few days left before the campaign closes.

Styling Urban Pajama Pants

Just in time for International Women's Day and Women's History Month, I met with blogging fashionistas Julia Framel and Madeleine Douglass in SF's Mission District to see how young women might style YamStreet's Urban Pajama Pants.

Urban Pajama Pants were designed after men's pajama bottoms, adding in street-friendly elements like deep side pockets and durable double-needle tailoring.  But women are responding to the concept as much as the guys.  So this really was a test.

On a typical day, these women travel from Google campus to City streets, and combine tech-smarts and style in ways that set them apart from the crowd. How San Francisco is that?!  And how FUN for me to get to take a stroll with them on YamStreet.

While future designs could bring fit and color changes to Urban Pajama Pants that are specific to the feminine YAMista, Julia and Madeleine made the current design their own with accessories already in their closets.

Check out Madeleine's blog post for more.

Your backing started something - in online media

Popular online mag and writer Tamara Palmer discovered Urban Pajama Pants

Popular online mag and writer Tamara Palmer discovered Urban Pajama Pants

YamStreet's Urban Pajama Pants were just discovered by The Bold Italic, an uber-popular online magazine in San Francisco.  As I write, the story you helped start is nestled on The Bold Italic's homepage between stories about a "fussy eater-hating restaurant" and a flowchart that poses the question "should you poop there?"  It's all fun, valuable exposure for us.

I've been reaching out to media contacts these past days, with help from Shaharil (the YAMista with the big phone who you saw in our video).  We have plans to meet with several bloggers this weekend.

So stay turned for more of what you started as our story of local lifestyle and local business keeps sprouting.

Please take a moment to tell a friend about the campaign.  We're in our final two-weeks stretch!

Sizes & Fit
The fit of our Urban Pajama Pant is similar to a traditional men's PJ bottom, but with a looser cut and a very slight taper at the ankles. Some shrinkage may occur over time, but not much. The elastic-drawstring combination waist and the overall casual cut ensures maximum comfort. Choose from these 5 sizes: