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We are an active part of a San Francisco neighborhood on the mend where we design and make our clothes. We tell you, up front, the things the old world garment empire doesn't want you to know: what factory your clothes were made in, who sewed them and how far the raw materials had to travel.

YamStreet is authentically “local”

Where does your money go when you buy from a big brand? We wish we knew. YamStreet insists on clothing that reflects your values. We’re fighting for a sustainable industry. We'll tell you why you are paying what you're paying and who got a piece of the action, including what our own profit is. 

No secrets in this revolution!

We design for your local lifestyle and the place you call home. YamStreet’s clothes are as comfortable as clothes get. We’ve created a new option for expressing your unique urban style. Our standard of quality ensures that what you buy will be part of your urban journey for a long time to come. 

Hey fast fashion! You listening?


"... here's to the future of sustainable, local and ethical manufacturing!"

Julia Framel, Technically Sweet


"... unbelievably soft and comfy ... made with quality material and stitching ... street pajama pants that can go straight from comfortable to cool."

Madeleine Douglass, MadeleineDouglass [dot] com






"Our city certainly loves to be outfitted for that seamless transition between bed, on-the-town … and back to bed again."  

Tamara Palmer, the Bold Italic




Jeffrey Betcher's life changed when he got involved with neighbors in San Francisco's Bayview neighborhood. He left a national nonprofit position for grassroots community organizing outside his front door.

He loved the work, but thought "What if I could build community AND make a living?"

He set his sites on an apparel business, but soon discovered that the local apparel industry ... in the same city that gave birth to major brands like Levi's, the GAP and Esprit ... was barely limping along. So he did what any organizer would do: help organize and redefine the industry.

YamStreet was born. Trade association colleagues endorsed the business, local entrepreneurs collaborated with it, and service-learning students helped at every turn. When the company launched on Kickstarter in 2015, it blew past its goal with nearly half its backers coming from Jeffrey's neighborhood.

Today, local industry professionals are working together to bring innovation to the field. They share a commitment to a profitable and environmentally-friendly local apparel trade that is kind to people and communities.


YamStreet manufactures locally, sources materials nearby, repurposes fabric, and promotes collaborative practices. YamStreet also makes it possible for Jeffrey to continue grassroots work in his community and industry. 

No one is getting rich, but things are looking up for Jeffrey and other community-minded small business people in long-neglected urban neighborhoods.

Turn a profit and do good at the same time?  It's possible!  

Local lifestyle?  It's good for communities and business.

Revolution?  If you mean positive change happening fast, then yes!

Keep from getting too serious about it?  One word: Yams.



 Endorsed by the apparel trade


 YamStreet is endorsed by the SF/Bay Area's fashion and apparel trade association



 "Yamista" is what we call our treasured customers, backers, collaborators and advisors ... including:

Shaharil Makol Abdul* (Sustainable Business Systems)**
Brag Bergman, Benchmark44 (Design and Production)**
Cynthia Carley, Apparel Wiz (Design and Production)**
Beth Crawford and family*
Jeff Harlowe* (Global Brands)**
Shane King, Mission Pictures* (Video Production)**
Michelle Ng (Ecommerce Wizard)**
Doniece Sandoval and Sadik Huseny*
Paul Sherbine and family*
Marjorie Swig*
Roselyn “Cissie” Swig*
Phil Weiner (Crowdfunding Expert)**
*Gave generously to YamStreet’s first crowdfunding campaign
**Local industry luminaries working together with YamStreet
Sizes & Fit
The fit of our Urban Pajama Pant is similar to a traditional men's PJ bottom, but with a looser cut and a very slight taper at the ankles. Some shrinkage may occur over time, but not much. The elastic-drawstring combination waist and the overall casual cut ensures maximum comfort. Choose from these 5 sizes: