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The Original: paYAMa pants

Actual retail price is $40

Check out YamStreet's launch video

New designs of Urban Pajama Pants and YamStreet tees are in the works. Fortunately, we can ship the original design that launched the business, in 2 color patterns and 5 sizes, immediately. We call them "Samples," but these Urban Pajama Pants are the real deal. Made with care and craft in a San Francisco neighborhood on the mend and an industry on the rise. The first pajama pants designed for the street. Locally-sourced materials, of course.  Order now.

These easygoing pajama pants are a necessary closet staple (its surprising you don't have them already). The open bottom creates a roomy but fitted look, for all the important lounging activities. Locally made in "sunny" San Francisco. 

  • soft 100% cotton flannel
  • elastic-drawstring combination waist
  • side pockets
  • open bottom at ankles


Note to Yamistas!  Want to know what your purchase pays for, or where the materials and production services come from? How about how much YamStreet's profit is, or who sewed your Urban Pajama Pants? Okay, no problem. It's all part of YamStreet's APPAREL REVOLUTION.


    Size Guide
    Orange Plaid
    Tan Plaid

    Sizes & Fit
    The fit of our Urban Pajama Pant is similar to a traditional men's PJ bottom, but with a looser cut and a very slight taper at the ankles. Some shrinkage may occur over time, but not much. The elastic-drawstring combination waist and the overall casual cut ensures maximum comfort. Choose from these 5 sizes: